I would die for LOVE. But only if it helped. Looking at the world as it is now, I don’t think it would. You can’t make a difference when you are dead. So better to leave something behind, leave some LOVE behind. I look at people. I tell them with my eyes: LOVE. My eyes are very intense. There are arms jumping out of them. Embracing everyone, everything they touch with LOVE. I whisper it into the ears in front of me at the cinema. l o v e. In the bus. In the subway. I wear a t-shirt which says LOVE. Even if it is blistering cold. I never wash it. I wear it as it is. That’s LOVE. That’s how important it is. LOVE. I tattooed a heart on my forehead. Between my eyes. Just to get the message clear. It can never be clear enough. LOVE. How difficult is it. This LOVE? It’s very simple. It’s a matter of mentality really. It’s all in the mind. LOVE. People just need a bit more of that. Some LOVE in their mind. LOVE LOVE LOVE. LOVE to feel connected to the world. To not feel alone. To care. Love, like a super glue which binds everything together. Even the ugly things. Even those. Love doesn’t discriminate. People do. But love no. LOVE just loves. All. Everything. Unconditionally. Forever.